We are dedicated to supplying premium quality pan-Asian food and drink

We specialise in the Sourcing and distribution of many famous Asian and other Brands. With more than 1,600 products in our portfolio and direct links with suppliers across the Far East, including Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea and India, we guarantee quality and authenticity.

Tiger Tiger is JK's Foods own Flagship Brand, a range of cooking ingredients for both the ethnic and mainstream markets. Only the finest quality ingredients make it into our Tiger Tiger range, that's why we are trusted by restaurants, takeaways and supermarkets internationally. It is also the reason we are trusted by Customers all over the world to deliver every single time.

We go to great lengths to ensure these products are of the very highest quality and do not accept anything less. From bamboo shoots to jasmine rice, we are specialists in catering for the Chinese take away and restaurant markets although Tiger Tiger is in fact a pan-Asian range. We have an inclusive list of ingredients to help you indulge in flavours from across the continent.

Tiger Tiger Foods Products Group

China Boy produce premium quality rice, noodles, flour and so much more.
Because China Boy is sourced from authentic producers in the Far East it is renowned for delivering the real taste of the East throughout the UK.

China Boy Premium Long Grain Rice

Seven Moons journeys all across Asia to find the best cuisine at unbeatable market prices. Supplying everything from Jasmine rice to fortune cookies Seven Moons covers all bases. Carefully selected authentic ingredients from producers across the globe.

Seven Moons Asian style Noodle Packets

Mekong is Vietnam's best-known brand of prawn flavoured crackers. It is because of that that we are proud to be a distributor of Mekong throughout the UK and Ireland. If you are looking for high quality Vietnamese goods, Mekong is the brand to buy.

Mekong Vietnamese Prawn Flavoured Crackers

MP provides both plastic and foil containers, options between regular or strong and lids for all choices. MP’s diverse range allows you to really choose the product that’s right for the job. If you need containers for a foodservice then MP really is the very best option.

YRB specialises in Chinese noodles offering a comprehensive range of high-end Chinese ingredients with noodles and more besides. To fulfil any Chinese ingredients needs YRB is a great first choice.

Banana Leaf offers plastic containers and cups with lids included. Supplying high quality products for the foodservice industry is what Banana leaf is known for. If you need a reliable product, you can trust Banana Leaf to deliver.

9 Circles creates tinned ingredients for the cooking of authentic meals from scratch. They pack passion and flavour into every tin so for convenience and quality, buy 9 Circles.


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